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xpredict_a_riot  new journal...

comment on there to be added... even if ur already on my friends list for krazyk1225... just cuz im a lazy girl ^.^

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oh snap!

sugar honey ice tea
how can this be?
sugar honey ice tea
look what you've left me

just had to write that down before i forget. actually i don't like it that much....i should delete it but w/e ill keep it. ok so anyway. i saw such an amazing movie called red eye and i also saw the 40 year old like two days ago. both amazing as hell! but red eye omg! thats my type of movie! im i the only one who thought jackson was hot.... most likely. w/e. yeah just wanted to say everyone should go see it. its like whoa!

oh god i got the most adorible picture of me and my baby cousin fionn. i think thats how you spell his name. oh god he is so beautiful. ah i love that baby.

idk i think i like those lyrics...

ahhhhhhhhhhh im tired already! so im gunna go and probably stay up for the next 2 hours cuz knowing me ill just chat online this whole time. :P

comment <3
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yeah we are random....

QtLuCkYgIrL88: do u think grilled cheese makes u hungry or turns u on? or both.. me and my fiend r trying to be retarted
KrazyK1225: hungry
KrazyK1225: hot fudge turns me on
KrazyK1225: and caramel
KrazyK1225: but not as much as fudge
QtLuCkYgIrL88: nah grilled cheese and peanut butter

ummmm wtf are we on?!?

ummm comment if there is anything to say with this. come on be cool like tony whom commented on my last entry!
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um one word about the backstreet boys concert.... amazing! dude i cannot believe how fucking amazing it was. lol i even got yelled at twice! lol first time cuz click five was comming out and everyone was standing and i couldn't see who it was so i stood on the chairs and i saw them and the usher came out and yelled at me. i was like w/e bsb are here so i ain't gunna start any shit. the second time was so rediculus. well me and erica noticed these girls were giving me dirty looks every time i screamed so i figured. piss them off! and then this girl starts yelling at me telling me to stop screaming so loud. im like wtf its a concert. but i didn't say anything cuz there was a lil kid next to me and w/e its bsb! i didn't want to start anything that night. esp. since there was that lil kid. w/e i enjoyed the concert. and continued screaming. i don't need some biotch telling me how to enjoy a concert. lol. oh man thank you so much erica! erica rocks! heehee. so yeah. thats been the biggest highlight ever.

wow thanks everyone for those lovely comments on the last one :P come on comment on this one.
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so cut my wrist and black my eyes <3

yo yo yo its kristen and boy do i have an update!!!! well better for me. well concert is tomarrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i bought the new bsb cd! its simply orgasmic... lol i never used that term before. but yes its amazing!!!! omg i so cannot wait!!!!

oh i got the most amazing shirt ever. its a light blue one that says hawthorne hights ohio is for lovers. its awesome. lol ive been looking for a shirt like that.

oh and i got a raise... last month lol i didn't even know. so now im working $6.50/hour. nice! and plus tips so yes! i love that job. lol the hours are very flexible, money is great, and everyone there is amazing. i really love that job. plus get to sing lol. im not really singing. im like screaming everything lol. my bad.

and here is something fun.

guess where these lyrics are from!

1. You said you hate my suffering And you understood And you'd take care of me You'd always be there Well where are you now?
2. so cut my wrist and black my eyes
3. In two drinks he's a loser In three drinks he's a star
4. Tears fall, down your face The taste, is something new
5. "I'll try," she said as he walked away. "Try not to lose you."
6. Oh simple thing where have you gone I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
7. I'm no barbie doll I'm not your baby girl
8. If only you could see The stranger next to me You promise you promise that you're done But i cant tell you from the drugs
9. Now I'm lying on the table with everything you said it will all catch up eventually well, it caught up and honestly the weight of my decisions were impossible to hold but they were never yours they were never yours
10. Broken bottles under children's feet Bodies strewn across the dead end street But I won't heed the battle call It puts my back up Puts my back up against the wall

ok now i personally think that # 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10 are extreemly easy. but lets see. # 3, 4, 5, and 7 could be easy too. so yeah have fun and im not updating again until i get at least 5 ppl trying this. hahaha. yeah big threat there. -.-

ok so have fun ^.^
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hey guys!

so work was kinda crazy tonight. christine was back! lol we killed each other all night. oh man erica and sarah came by!!!! made sure to give erica lots of peanut butter. of course when friends come in i give them more than im suppost to w/e what r they gunna do fire me? w/e. they never have done that before to anyone.

ahhh i want my licence. like no one really knows how badly i need it. my life would just be a lot more simpler... umm yeah not a word. w/e there is like a more personal reason for me. but im not gunna go into that.

oh my god today was funny. happy birthday mark. oh man i had a few crazy moments. but deff the best was. i was meeting up with mary, mark, and chris at friendly's and i saw them crossing the road so i told my mom to pull over. and i saw an arm and i stuck my head out the window and screamed "get the hell in the car" and i see these two mexicans looking at me like wtf. oh god and my friends were like 5 feet away and didn't even see so i screamed that to them.
Cheifs hockey23: silly mexicans
hahaha thanks pat.

ahhh pay check tomarrow = me buying myself and ipod!

well ive been into bright eyes a lot lately.

dude backstreet boys tomarrow!!!!! excited!!!!!!!!!

LATER!!!! comment!!!!
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lol found this to be funny

badger_in_a_bun: say no to drugs kids
xbrokenxreflectionx: and u say this while drunk lol
badger_in_a_bun: safe in a house though
xbrokenxreflectionx: true
badger_in_a_bun: i doubt my cousin will spike my drink n rape me lol
xbrokenxreflectionx: lol hopefully not
badger_in_a_bun: hopefully
badger_in_a_bun: but he does have a viscious look in his eye

rn't the english just so damn funny!

I WANNA GO TO THE BEACH!!!! LIKE NOW!!!! i havn't been there still alll freaken summer!
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